Sarah Eileen

precious human being,

be welcome here!
If there should be anything here for you that serves as medicine or inspiration on your path:
I invite you to drink from it, to bathe in it, to ask for more.

Nothing will be sold on this site, not even secretly.
All living things are free…and earth does not ask for money


As a young wandering woman who is in deep concern about the sanity of her people, their ways and their conversation with life and death

I invite you kindly and I ask you fiercely

to listen.


My deep yearning for a world in balance and my urge for sincere stewardship of my place in the big circle of life has lead me on a deep journey into the nature of my menstrual bloods‘ powers and the creative and visionary source that red river can be for all of us.

It is now time for me to share about how living with and from our menstrual cycles‘ guidance will give birth to societies, ecosystems, economies, and communities that are nothing less but welcoming of all that lives and dies.





The menstrual cycle guides us home to our bodies‘, souls‘ and psyches‘ innate knowing, that helps us not only to stay alive, but teaches us how to weave our lifes as a web worth living and dying in.

It is time for us to slow down and become space for ways of being that are yet beyond our imagination.

Red river knows the way


Wir befinden uns in einer Zeit grossen Wandels. Engpaesse, Schluchten, Abgruende und Erdbeben sind alltaegliche Schauplaetze unserer inneren Welten. Nadeloehrmusik kommt von dort, wo in unserer zerruetteten Zivilisation selten Licht hinkommt und zischt in jenes Herz, das bereit ist, tiefer zu spueren, zu sehen und zu wissen was es immer schon wusste.

Schneiderei fuer Wortgewaender

Nackt im Angesicht zerbrechender Normalitaeten, gewandete sie sich in Worten…Sie wandte sich mutig und buchstaeblich dem Leben selbst zu, denn der Stoff aus dem die Worte sind, schien ihr zugleich dicht und doch wandelbar genug, um einen Weg in eine Welt zu bahnen, in der Sprache wahrlich jene Verbundenheit pflegte, innerhalb derer sie selbst ihre tiefe Zugehoerigkeit fand.

Own your

Can we witness each other in our intimate poetic, wordfully woven conversations with existance? Do we dare to hold each other in stillness around the cracking fire, after a precious poem has been offered? After a new weave has touched our skins? How do our creative, crafty Rites support our human beingness? And how would that feel to make our own paper and inks after a foraging walk on the land? What if our art was allowed and helped to travel as medicine, as gift, as life to where ever it asked us to be given to?

What if we would own our rites?

If there’s anything you wish to bring in contact with me, feel free to do so.
Please know that I do not live in the virtual world much.
I will reply in my own time, this might ask you for some patience. Thank you for respecting that.

With much love,

 Sarah Eileen.