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There’s not much that I need for a living, but I do love to eat healthy food, care well for my body, play on good instruments and write and paint on ethically produced and beautiful paper. Also do some of my recent projects need some funding, such as the recording of my first German and my first English album, the print of my first poetry collections and the financing of a car that gets me from one magical place of weaving to another. So if you have any impulse to support my path, be it monetary, or otherwise, please let me know. In case this way here works for you and you want to support me in the longer process, check out my patreon page: I appreciate you for having found the way to me

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I kindly ask you to tagg my name or my website in case you want to share any of the content on this page in your channels and platforms. I whish for these creations to fly freely and serve whoever they may touch. They came through me but they are not mine to possess. I see it as on honouring of the source that these creations came from and ask you to respect this wish to name me as it. That’s all. Thank you