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There’s so little that I need for a living. Honestly! I cherish simplicity over all the modern-world estrangements.

What you can help me with, is to call in, or to point me towards my own earthy home:

a patch, a piece, a bit of land that I can build a little clay hut-sanctuary for my simple living and an earthdome for womens‘ bleeding on. Some tucked away place that welcomes and needs my care, my grief, my vision and my practical, political and creative prayer for this earth, our species and those yet to come.

If you know of anyone, anywhere, anywhen to go to, to speak to, to open up for: PLEASE get in touch right now!

Other than that…

What nourishes me to the marrow is shared cyclical and menstrual prayer and devotion, coming together to love and listen to the storyweaves of each others‘ human messyness, and tending to our individual creative and spiritual ways of rooting ourselves deeply with the lands and waters we live from.

If you feel called to get in touch for this, please do!

And to the crafty bits: I long to inhabit my everydaylife-creative processes as wholesomely as possible, therefor I would love to learn to make my own inks and papers, bowls and mugs, clothes, yarns, simple tools for daily life and my clay hut with my own hands.

If you have any impulse to weave your path and skill with mine, or someone else comes to mind, please let me know.

Thank you so much for taking the time and giving your precious presence to what I have to say!

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Please be considerate as to where, how and with whom you share what you find here. This page is meant to bring us closer to each other, especially as womben.

I wish for these creations to fly freely and serve whoever they may touch, yet I am aware that the world wide web is far from being a safe space to meander and the seeds of the new need to be planted in actual soil now.

In that sense I believe, sitting on the grass to feel and read an article together with one chosen friend or stranger, is often times worth much more than sharing it on a Facebook feed.

Please meet, receive and share what I am offering here with respect and inner wisdom.

Thank you